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Worry Club - AFGTH/ur not real Vinyl

$29.00 - $110.00

I'm beyond excited to announce NCR-18, the dual All Frogs Go to Heaven and ur not real EP's by Worry Club!

Sheesh Media said of the band: "Comprising six songs that symbolize the six stages of grief and self-discovery amidst life's trials, this EP leaves an indelible mark. The opening track, "Nothin," serves as an explosive introduction to the project, boasting distorted guitars that transport you to a moshpit paradise. Chase's celestial vocals resonate flawlessly, setting the perfect tone for what lies ahead."

The variants will be:

BORED (/30 Liquid Filled)
Nothin' (Clear)

The record you get might vary in specific colors from the images above!

Records ship within 1-2 weeks of order.

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